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 Vignetinox: Evolution in Tradition.

About us

For over four decades, the Vignetinox brand has been synonymous with innovation and excellence in the vineyards and orchards sector.

In 1979, we were the first in Italy to patent an industrial cultivation system that revolutionized the way we work in the field, minimizing the hours required for vineyard maintenance and management.

Today, we are the reference brand in Europe for completeness and variety of products. Our range of accessories is constantly renewed and expanded in collaboration with agronomists, oenologists, and customers, to find optimal solutions for every specific need.

Choose Vignetinox and discover the excellence of modern cultivation!


A History that Continues



Year of foundation of Mollificio Bortolussi Srl.

Vignetinox is a brand of Mollificio Bortolussi Srl.

Mollificio Bortolussi Srl was born as a producer of elastic metal elements such as springs, bent and shaped wire and strip parts. It quickly became a reference supplier for the design, development and construction of technical components for local companies with international markets in the textile, household appliance, eyewear, and steel plant sectors.



Birth of the Vignetinox Brand.

From the first order represented in the photo next to it, the production of wire and accessories for vineyards and orchards began. From the very beginning, there was the intuition to use uncoated stainless steel materials, Inox 302/304, with high mechanical strength and low elongation. Result: reduction in labor costs and minimal maintenance. Material 100% recyclable and recoverable. Patents: fixing system, branch lock, and stake lock.



Innovative Products for Vineyards.

In this decade, the design and production of posts, wires, and accessories used in vineyards with mechanical processing began. Investments in research and development have made Vignetinox the undisputed leader in the creation of innovative vineyards, respecting the environment, nature, and human beings.



Investments for a '100% Made in Bortolussi' and in ITALY Production Evolution.

Thanks to a policy of investments focused on automation and computerization of production processes, personnel training and selection of strategic suppliers, quality control, and 100% Made in Italy, Mollificio Bortolussi Srl easily overcame the economic crisis that began in 2008.



Towards a Green Economy focusing on eco-efficiency.

Products and technologies with higher energy efficiency and lower environmental impact. Photovoltaic panels provide the energy required by the plant. Sustainability and circular economy: reuse (stainless steel wires and accessories), new production techniques (automation and robotization), environmental responsibility (uncoated wires, therefore no deposit on the fruit, vegetation, and soil).



50th Anniversary.

Mollificio Bortolussi Srl, which has reached its 50th anniversary, continues to maintain the Made in Italy tradition by pursuing the motto "Evolution in tradition, in harmony with nature."

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